Baked Greek chicken

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I freaking love Greek food. I love all the garlic, salty feta cheese and olives, and especially the grilled meats and hummus, mmmmm…. So when

Spicy tuna poke

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I must have mentioned my trip to Hawaii a million times in this blog already, but there was seriously so many memorable food experiences that

Spicy edamame

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One of my favourite places to hang out in Vancouver during summer, was a pub called Local in Kitsilano, right by the beach. Their patio

Pumpkin pie

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The last thanksgiving recipe that I made was pumpkin pie. I knew I wanted it to be amazing, because even though I didn’t have the

Maple butternut squash casserole

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So this was the second dish I made for thanksgiving dinner. I love squash, it’s one of my favourite vegetables, and I think it’s so

Baked brie

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THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it was thanksgiving this week, and it was pretty much the best weekend of the year for me 🙂 I went to see

Chocolate coconut balls

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I have this one amazing friend, K, who is the most disciplined person ever when it comes to her diet! Seriously, I don’t know how

Baked eggplant

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I am such a sucker for eggplant, I don’t know what it is. I just really, really, love it, and you can guarantee that when

Italian salad

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If you read my chicken soup post, you’ll see the I had been sick for a while, and when I get sick, my appetite diminishes

Sauteed spinach and shiitake mushrooms

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I’ve had these two cookbooks by Martha Stewart, called Everyday Food for a while. Whenever I need inspiration for dinner, I always flip through to