Baked eggs

You know those days where you wake up and your head is pounding and you really need a greasy breakfast? Today was one of those days for me. No yogurt and berries for this breakfast!! I wanted bacon. And I remembered a mouth-watering Ina Garten recipe that I had seen for baked eggs! I was now a woman with a mission. I raced to the corner store, and picked up my missing ingredients: overpriced bacon, cream, and english muffins.

The recipe says to use two separate dishes to bake the eggs, but who wants to wash twice the amount of dishes? So I just use one 9×9 inch dish. I also only used 5 eggs instead of 6 because 3 eggs for two people sounded juuuust a bit too much. Ina doesn’t mention bacon, but creamy herbed eggs taste so much better with bacon. Trust me. Make the bacon.

So first, fry up your bacon strips since they take the longest. I made mine super crispy. Add the cream and butter to the baking dish and broil until bubbly. I obviously added an extra tablespoon of cream and way more butter than was necessary. Mix together the chopped parsley, garlic, and parmesan in a bowl in the meanwhile. Then, add your eggs that you’ve previously cracked into a  bowl. This is important so that you can dump them all in at once, instead of cracking them one by one into the boiling cream and butter, and I’m assuming this evens out the cooking time. Sprinkle the herb mixture over the eggs and season.

This is what it looked like uncooked:



Bake for 6min and then remove excitedly, ready to eat, only to observe that the egg whites are still runny (maybe this is why you’re supposed to cook it in two separate dishes):

Be frustrated that your bacon and english muffins are ready and plated, and put the eggs in to bake some more while you wait, famished. And then after a few extra minutes….

Yay it is DONE!!!! Scoop out the eggs onto your plate of bacon and english muffins (minus one bite of english muffin and one bacon strip that I ate while waiting for the eggs) and rejoice!!!

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