Beer can chicken

While my brother was visiting, he introduced me to the best possible way to cook chicken: BEER CAN CHICKEN!!! Chicken is generally my last choice meat. I tend to think that it’s a bit boring. However, I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot more of this, especially since it’s summer aka BBQ season!!!

First, rub a whole chicken with spices: garlic powder, paprika, chilli powder, cayenne, allspice, and dried oregano. Stuff some fresh thyme in the cavity too. Pick your favourite can of beer and crack it open. We used Granville Island Pale Ale. Take a gulp of it (or two), and set it in your beer can chicken apparatus (which we bought at Winners for super cheap). I’m sure you could just use a baking pan as well. Prop the chicken atop the can and put the whole thing in the BBQ. After about an hour, you can use a honey glaze, but this is optional. We basted the chicken with a mixture of honey and soy sauce as well as all the rubbing spices. Cook for 2hrs. You can cook it together with some potatoes or vegetables too.

Beer can chicken uncooked

And afterwards, omg it is the moistest, juiciest chicken ever!!!! And it comes out all golden and pretty too!!! Look how happy we were:

Then we carved it up and ate everything. It was DELICIOUS. Along with corn on the cob and ribs, this is going to be one of my star favourites for BBQ season! If you happen to be less gluttonous than us, then you’ll have leftover chicken which would be GREAT for tossing into a salad the next day, or making roast chicken sandwiches. And if you reaaally want to stretch this meal, you can use the bones to make chicken stock and freeze in individual plastic baggies for use in fall when it’s cold and you want to make soup.

FYI: Do NOT forget to open the beer can before inserting in chicken and cooking. The last thing you want is exploding beer and chicken meat in your BBQ! Also, as a disclaimer, this article talks about how inefficient the beer can chicken method is at cooking it, because the cold beer doesn’t heat up the cavity well, the flavour of the beer doesn’t penetrate the meat, the beer doesn’t heat up enough to actually boil over and baste the chicken, blah blah blah. I read the article after I made the chicken, and having educated myself on the matter, I am choosing to ignore it, because the chicken was super tasty!!! Nothing else counts except for what it tastes like, right? If you’re really concerned about how the cold beer can keep the chicken from cooking through, use a meat thermometer!

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