Butterflied leg of lamb


While my brother was visiting Vancouver during the holidays, we decided to take a trip down to Granville Island market and see what we could find for a delicious dinner together. The initial plan had been a whole salmon on the BBQ, but after walking past the meat sections, my brother spotted a piece of butterflied leg of lamb… It was amazing. It was a whole 4lbs, and we bought it along with a lot of mint, garlic, baby potatoes, and asparagus.

Back at home, we chopped up some fresh rosemary, mint, tons of garlic, and mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper. We rubbed it all over the meat and left to marinate for an hour or so.


When it was time to BBQ, we rolled it all up again, and skewered it to keep everything together.


After searing on the BBQ on all sides on high heat, we consulted Google for cooking temperature, and accordingly lowered the heat and tried to maintain a temperature of 325F in the BBQ at all times. After about 1hr15min, we took out the lamb, and checked to see that the internal temperature was high enough, and at 130F, it was perfect! We let that beauty rest while I prepared the sides.

One of my favourite sides to make is roasted asparagus spears with parmesan cheese. Just snap off the woody ends, toss the spears with olive oil, salt and pepper, lay out flat on a baking sheet, and grate parmesan overtop. Cook for about 10min!


We also boiled the baby potatoes, spread them out on a baking tray, and with a fork, lightly smashed them. The goal here is not to have creamy mashed potatoes, but to break up the boiled potatoes a bit so you can broil it with olive oil and all the broken bits get sort of crunchy. And you can bet that when those potatoes were done, I drizzled them with black truffle oil.

When we finally cut into the lamb, it was perfectly red and rare in the centre, exactly what we wanted! Success!!!


This was a delicious meal that we whipped up easily in about 2hrs, and as we sat down to eat, we were quite pleased at how simple it was to make something impressive-looking!

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