Chocolate haupia pie

During my trip to Oahu, Hawaii, in March, I fell in love with the famous chocolate haupia pie at Ted’s Bakery in Haleiwa in the North Shore of the island. For all of you who don’t know, haupia = coconut. We were staying in Kailua near Lanikai beach, and every trip up north we took, I insisted that we stop at Ted’s Bakery (a) for their mini macadamia chocolate chip cookies and (b) for their pie. We always had to eat the pie right away so that it didn’t melt, and by the time we reached the beach for surfing, the pie was settled happily in my belly. If a shark had decided to eat me, I’m sure I would be delicious-tasting with that chocolate haupia pie in my belly. Kind of how like turducken tastes good. And those mint candies with chocolate inside. As for the mini cookies, we munched on them all day long. As you can tell, Hawaii was not a healthy trip! I justify eating all those sweets by remembering how heavy it was carrying the longboards up and down Castle Beach (our favourite place to surf), and all the paddling!

Anyway, come mid-July in Vancouver, and it FINALLY felt like summer. It had just hit the mid-twenties here, and so I was obviously in a tropical mood. It was chocolate haupia pie time!!! I found a recipe and went to work recreating it.

Pre-heat the oven to 350C and bake your pie shell till golden. I was greedy and put two pie shells in the oven. Then you’re going to make two different kinds of pudding. First, the haupia pudding. Combine milk, coconut milk, sugar, and coconut essence in a saucepan and boil. Whisk together cornstarch and water in a separate bowl till it isn’t lumpy, and slowly add to the coconut mixture while whisking. The recipe says it’ll take 3min to thicken, but mine was almost instant.

Haupia pudding

In the meanwhile, you’ll be melting some semi-sweet chocolate chips. The recipe says to microwave it, but I recall bad experiences microwaving (burning) chocolate from when I was a kid just starting to bake. So I melted the chocolate chips over a pot of boiling water.

Melting chocolate

Add half the coconut mixture to the chocolate mixture and mix. By now your pie crust should be done. Pour in the haupia pudding, then the chocolate.

Chocolate layer in the haupia pie
Haupia layer

Don’t worry, it won’t mix, they’re solid enough. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. I tossed mine in the fridge and ran out the door for a quick swim at the Kitsilano pool. After dinner, I attempted to make the whipped cream topping. Now, I was hoping for a thick, cold, creamy topping that only whisking whipping cream will give you. But I was having issues with my kitchen utensils. Somehow, none of my bowls were deep enough, and the 2 inches of cream was not enough to prevent the electric beater from splattering cream all over the counter, backsplash, and myself. I must have tried at least 3 different bowls with the same result. Annoyed that I’d have a lot of dishes to wash, and a lot of counter to clean, I dumped the cream and sugar into a food processor. I pressed “on”, and forgot about it while I prepared dinner. 5min later, I checked on the whipped cream, expecting dollops of sweet dairy yumminess, but instead got THIS.

Don’t put whipped cream in the food processor

This horrible cottage cheese-like, curdled mess! And so, I gave up, and the haupia pie was topped with store-bought whipped cream from the can. Ugh. Next time, I’ll figure out this  bowl situation!! It still tasted great though!!!

Chocolate haupia pie 2

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