Crab feast

My parents were recently in town, and so I brought them on a fishing trip with Pacific Anglers. It was mid-June, but Vancouver had had a lot of rain and cold temperatures. As Eddie, our guide, explained to us, when Vancouver experiences a lot of rain, it raises the water level of the rivers and allows the fish to migrate through quickly. When there’s a lot of dry weather, the fish get caught in the inlet and their numbers accumulate as more arrive from the ocean, while they wait for the water levels to rise high enough to migrate through. All the rain we’d been having was bad, because all the fish were likely gone. We fished for 5hrs and caught nothing, much to my dismay. My dad loves fishing, and I really wanted us to all experience the excitement of catching a big Chinook salmon!! Fortunately though, before the trip, we’d set two crab pots baited with fish heads and chicken. On our way back, we picked them up and they were FULL of dungeness crabs!

Crab pot

Eddie dumped them all out on the boat and the crawled around while we measured them and tossed out the small ones. So the day was saved with crab. Everyone was in high spirits again, and we came home with dinner!

Some of the crab we caught, quartered and cleaned

Since the crab was so fresh, we decided on just steaming them, and dipping the pieces in garlic parsley butter. I don’t actually have seafood crackers (is that what they’re called?? Nut-cracker –> seafood cracker??) or those tiny forks that you use to pry out the meat from the shells. So my family made use of what I did have in the kitchen. We ate a total of 8 crabs out of the 11 we caught using 3 kitchen scissors, 4 metal skewers, and 2 fish bone tweezers. We can be a determined bunch when it comes to prying out tasty crab meat from those stubborn shells! Two hours later, we were so stuffed… The kitchen table was a mess, our clothes were a mess, and the whole place smelled of crab. But that’s why it was a crab feast. We went to town on those crustaceans!

Table is set

Next year, we’ll book another trip with Pacific Anglers, but for later in the season, during July, when our chances of catching fish are higher. Was a whole day of fishing worth it for a dozen crabs? Yes, 1000 times yes.

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