Fish tacos and mango salsa

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. I knew I wanted to make something yummy for dinner, but it had to be light, relatively quick, and since I usually walk to buy my groceries, there also had to be few ingredients (did I mention that I dislike carrying heavy bags of groceries, and that I’m lazy too?). What to do?! I have to say that I quickly scrapped the idea a of massive beef pot-roast. After about an hour of indecision (I’m a highly indecisive person), and the help of my 8-ball app, I finally chose to make fish tacos!

But then I became indecisive about what kind of fish to buy… Fast-forward to 20min later, and I decided on cod. I got my cod from 7 seas on 4th Street in Kitsilano. Highly recommend this place for buying seafood, as I’m big on supporting sustainable fisheries as much as I can. I got 2 fillets. That was actually enough for 3 people plus leftovers!

First, I made the mango salsa. I use this salsa in so many dishes because it’s delicious and it makes everything taste tropical! Just mix together mangoes, avocado, red peppers, green onions, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and salt. I like my food spicy so I add chili flakes too. Now that I’m typing this up, I realize that it actually sounds like a lot of ingredients, but they weren’t heavy ingredients that would make my walk home miserable, so that was okay!!

Next, I made the sauce for the tacos. I blended together equal amounts of mayonnaise and sour cream with two small red chili peppers, lemon juice, and salt. If you don’t like things so spicy, I’d only add in one chili pepper. Refrigerate while you make the fish.

Then, I set up a breading station. First a bowl of flour, then beaten egg, then panko. I sliced the cod fillets up into strips, seasoned them, and coated them in that order. About halfway through, I realized I didn’t have enough panko, and had to substitute bread crumbs. But this actually gave me the opportunity to taste both kinds once the fish was done, and I have to say, panko has a great crunch, so panko wins over breadcrumbs, hands down! Although this is coming from someone who always eats the skinny crunchy fries over the soft potato-ey ones, and likes her pizza thin-crust like a cracker, not deep-dish. I didn’t want to deep-fry my fish (pots full of very hot oil make me nervous) so I just poured oil till it was about a centimetre deep into a nonstick pan. I suppose this counts as pan-frying? They cooked pretty fast.

And that’s it! It was a nice day out in Vancouver, so I brought everything up to the rooftop patio with a bottle of white wine. They were taaaaasty. The guys wolfed down the meal and this made me very happy because I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out since it was my first time making them.

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