Poached eggs with salmon and avocado

I had a fantastic weekend, with a trip to Costco and Granville Island, and a ton of yummy food in the fridge! You know how on youtube, those makeup gurus will do a “MAC-haul!” or “Forever21-haul!”? Well this was a grocery-haul! There was stuffed peppers with feta cheese, tortellini salad, artichoke salad, caprese salad with magnificent fresh boccocini cheese, eggplant wraps, duck pate with black truffles, goat cheese with garlic, fresh baguette, St-Andre cheese, Dubliner cheese, proscieutto and cantaloupe. And a LOT of coconut water. Like two cartons of it. So I went and had a picnic at Kits beach!!! I found a shady area on the grass, where there were a ton of trees, and lots of space between people, and spread out a blanket. I even brought a little plastic bottle with some red wine in it, because I am incapable of enjoying crostinis made from fresh baguette, pate, and cheese, without red wine. Look at our spread!

Anyway, so the next morning, I’m wondering what to make for breakfast, and I decided to make something a little fancier than the usual scrambled eggs with avocado. I had all these great ingredients in the fridge! I also recently learned how to poach eggs properly, without one of those plastic egg poachers. So now I’m kind of on a poached egg binge, because I’m delighted with my ability to crack an egg open in hot water and not have it completely disintegrate! Actually, for this recipe, I think I was lazy and used the plastic cups to make the eggs, but at least they look nice and round in the picture! I still have to master exactly how many minutes to leave them in the pot for medium-poached eggs. I always try to take them out too soon, and then put them back in for a bit, only to discover that they’re well-done by the time I take them out again! Grrr. So I poached my eggs, then loaded them up with avocado and smoked salmon. So simple, so yummy.  Except the toppings kept sliding off the slippery egg. So I McGyvered it up a bit, and used goat cheese as “glue”. It was awesome! Sprinkle it all with some chopped basil and pepper, and voila! Everything stayed in place so that I could take a pic 🙂

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