Prosciutto-wrapped mahi mahi


Sometimes you just want to eat clean, and that for me, usually means fish and veggies! I was at an Asian supermarket with a girlfriend of mine, and as I walked around the produce section, I saw a small horde of old Asian ladies crowding around bags of fresh veggies… And everybody knows that those oldies know what’s what!!! I personally get a bit lost in the produce section of Asian grocery stores, and can’t tell one leafy vegetable from the other, apart from the ubiquitous Gai lan and broccolinis. Which ones are bitter, which ones are stringy, which ones are sweet? So when in doubt, follow the old Asian ladies. I swear, they know their stuff! They were all snatching up bags of pea shoot leaves, with the eagerness of my fellow Gen Y’ers at an Aritzia sample sale. Given my experience with competitive shopping, I elbowed my way in there, and emerged from the crowd, triumphantly, with a batch of my very own pea shoot leaves! I was proud, without knowing what the hell I’d be cooking. Fast forward a few hours, and I’d decided to make some mahi mahi fish, wrapped in prosciutto, with my fresh veggies, and drizzled with rosemary oil. Now I know this sounds like a bit of a mishmash of flavours, but that’s what experimentation is about! Turns out the rosemary was completely unnecessary, and now that I think of it, so was the prosciutto… But hey, I was using a recipe for cod, and subbed in the mahi (also known as dolphinfish fyi), and didn’t think that it would make much of a difference. Seems like I prefer my fish simple. But if you like prosciutto and rosemary, go for it!!


  • Filet of white fish e.g. cod, halibut, mahimahi
  • Prosciutto
  • Rosemary
  • Butter
  • Green leafy vegetable
  • Olive oil

This recipe is super easy. Think weeknights when you come home and just want to veg out and watch Game of Thrones (omg it’s starting again so soooooon!!!). It takes no time at all. Season your fish, wrap in prosciutto, bake on a rack at 400F for 10-12min. Take care not to overcook.


Did you know that the stuff that comes out of salmon that looks like egg whites sometimes is actually a sign that you’ve overcooked your salmon? No? I didn’t either! Basically the protein in the salmon has denatured, and that’s why you get the egg-whiteish substance. Anyway, back to the mahi mahi. While it’s cooking, wash your veggies, and saute over high heat with some chopped garlic and olive oil. Keep it simple.


What was the verdict regarding the pea shoot leaves? Delicious!!! The old Asian ladies never fail!!! They tasted nutty, slightly sweet, and were very tender. One day I’ll be just like those old ladies. One day. But for now, I’ll have to watch and copy!

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