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I’m a 30’s something girl living in Vancouver, BC, who loves food and cooking. I grew up in a family passionate about food, and it definitely rubbed off on me! I spend a lot of my spare time searching for recipes and challenging myself with new things I’ve never cooked before. I generally cook with fresh, whole, and unprocessed ingredients, because that’s what tastes best to me, and so a lot of my recipes turn out to be relatively healthy. That being said, I do have a pretty hedonistic attitude towards food, so if it looks yummy, I’ll cook it, and add extra butter too!


2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Claire

    I grew up on Niouk yen and Dhal Pourri as a kid. Do you know any places in Vancouver that makes Mauritian food .

    Best wishes


    1. Unfortunately I don’t! That’s why I try to watch my mom and grandmother closely when they make niouk yen so that I can then make it at home, and I’m still not very good at making dhal puri. I really wish that there was a place to buy them since they are so labour-intensive to make by myself!

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