Shrimp summer stir-fry

I made this stir-fry on a weeknight, when I wanted something summery and healthy. I’m pretty sure it was a Monday night, and I was feeling a bit blah from all the over-indulgences of the weekend (sangria, fried-chicken poutine, pizza for brunch). So no way was I going to make anything that was going to make me feel even worse, like… like.. mac and cheese or fish and chips! And no, I am not kidding about the fried-chicken poutine. I walked past this place called Mean Poutine on Nelson and Granville Street downtown, and saw the menu, and just could not resist. How Canadian am I, eh? Or maybe I’m just greedy. Probably greedy. $9 got me a MASSIVE takeout box full of yummy poutine, and topped with sliced fried chicken pieces! I was in heaven. I wolfed half of it down while walking down Granville, then got full, brought the box onto the skytrain and probably made the whole skytrain smell like fast food (I hate those people, and that day, I was one of those people), and then stuffed it in my fridge for safekeeping. I never got around to eating the leftovers. This is probably a very good thing. It sat in my fridge being all congealed and gross for a week before I threw it out.

So you see why I wanted something healthy for Monday! This was the perfect dinner! It was delicious and light! It took no time to make, and so after boyfriend called me, saying he was on his way home, I started making dinner, and as he walked in the door 15min later, I was plating the food. Post-graduate school apparently makes me very domestic.

First, make the shrimp. Heat up some oil and butter in the pan, add salt and lots of chopped garlic, cook for a bit, then add some peeled shrimp. I’m almost drooling writing about this because shrimp goes with garlic and butter better than grilled cheese goes with tomato soup, and that is saying a lot if you know how much I love grilled cheese!!! (PS, if you live in Vancouver, Charlatan bar on Commercial Drive has poutine-grilled-cheese on their menu! YES!!!)

Put the cooked shrimp aside. Next, in the same pan, cook some zucchini slices in some oil until soft. Then add fresh corn kernels, halved cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper.

When they’ve cooked for a bit, dump the shrimp back in, cook for a few seconds, and then you’re ready to serve!

Recipe here!


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