Stuffed zucchini

I have a thing for anything stuffed. Ha, no seriously, I just think it makes food more interesting when you stuff food into other food! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! So when I stumbled upon this recipe, I couldn’t resist making it. Looks delicious? Check. Stuffed? Check. Healthy? Check. I have to admit, I had no clue what to serve it with, because it’s like a side recipe, but not really, since it’s a bit heavier than a random green salad or something. So I thought maybe a light fish would do, and served it with sole meunière. It wasn’t reeeeeeaaally a light dish since sole meunière is pretty buttery, but with so much green on the plate, oh, who cares. Anyway, onto the recipe!

So first you need to halve your zucchinis, and scrape out the insides. This sounds easier than it actually was… Someone needs to invent sharp-edged spoons for the sole purpose of scooping stuff out, because I kind of struggled with scooping out the insides. In hindsight, I should have maybe tried microwaving the zucchini for a little bit, which is my trick for cutting butternut squash and carving Halloween pumpkins (you need a very tiny pumpkin if you’re going to be microwaving it!). 15min later, my zucchinis were scooped out.

Then, you cook some onions in a little butter, fry up some bacon, and chop up the insides of the zucchinis. Combine it all in a bowl with a little dried thyme, salt, pepper, a tablespoon of sour cream, and a small chopped tomato.

Then, mix, and stuff your zucchinis. Don’t forget to top with some grated cheese. I used Balderson’s 5yr aged white cheddar.

Bake for about 30min at 400C with a teensy bit of butter in the baking dish. While it’s baking, you have time to make whatever else you’re cooking with the meal! In this case, I quickly made my fish!


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