Sushi-inspired lobster salad


One of my very good girlfriends, W, looooves Asian food, as do I. Together with her, we indulge in at least weekly lunches, and we always delight in chatting over a bowl of pho, ramen, congee, Taiwanese beef noodles, hotpot, dimsum, HK cafe dishes, hand-pulled Chinese noodles, bubble tea, mongolian grill… or sushi. You get the idea!!! If it can be eaten with chopsticks, we’re all over it! Anyway, so she introduced me to this amazing sushi roll the other day. It was large enough to be of a highly impractical size, but delicious. It was made of crab, mango, salmon, all in some sort of mysterious creamy sauce, and wrapped with not seaweed or rice, but with cucumber strips! I forgave the roll for making me look like an idiot eating it, and quickly decided to do what I always do when I eat something awesome at a restaurant… That is, recreate it at home!!! Sushi-inspired lobster salad, baby! After all, is there anything more Asian than making an imitation?

So anyway, I tweaked the roll a bit, and made it into a salad, because I had serious doubts as to whether I’d be successful in cutting up thin cucumber strips, and delicately rolling up the contents without most of it ending up on the floor, coating my hands, and most likely in my hair too. Also, instead of using crab, I used lobster, but I’m sure you could use either or.


  • Lobster meat
  • Ripe mango
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Mayonnaise
  • Wasabi powder

Okay, so as usual, since this is a salad, the directions are so easy, a monkey could do this. Or a panda. Let’s say a panda, since they too have opposable thumbs, and monkeys are actually pretty smart which defeats the purpose of the expression.

Remove all the meat from the cooked lobster, chop into pieces, and reserve a large piece for presentation. Here’s what mine looked like after boiling:


Cut up your mango… I do mine like this:


And also chop the avocado and cucumber into pieces as well. Mix everything with a bit of mayo and wasabi powder to taste. I actually used a buttermilk/sour cream mix for my recipe since I was serving it to someone with a severe egg allery, so no mayo. But next time I make it for myself, I think I’ll definitely use mayonnaise. Then place the large piece of lobster on top of the salad and you’re done! The flavours are so nice and fresh for warm weather!

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