Been a while… Also, bbq salmon

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Hello strangers. I’ve set the time aside tonight to update my much-neglected blog! And why today? Because tomorrow is my birthday, I’m turning 27! And

Prosecco sorbet

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Soooo whoops. I haven’t been around on my blog for a while!!! I think that this is a record. Apologies!!! I’ve still been cooking and

Warm shrimp salad

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Hellooo everyone! I hope you’ve all been in as good of a mood as I’ve been lately!!! Despite somehow catching two colds in one month,

Pesto chicken kabobs

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I’m baaack!! I apologize… Once again… For being so quiet on my blog these days!! That being said… I got a huge record-breaking number of

Roast beef sandwich

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I’ve perfected my roast beef making skills!!!! It comes out perfect everytime 🙂 Seared on the outside from high heat on the BBQ, and pinky

Slow BBQ beef

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  Oopsies. I’m so sorry you guys, I’ve been slacking with posting stuff to my blog!!! That’s not to say that I haven’t been cooking

Baked chicken thighs

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I love cooking with chicken thighs! They’re so easy to make, always turn out delicious, and it’s hard to overcook them, unlike chicken breasts. I

Shrimp caesar salad

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So okay, my girlfriend K and I do a weekly “date night” thing, where we get together, make dinner, drink copious amounts of wine, watch

Spaghetti squash with paprika shrimp

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I have been obsessed with spaghetti squash lately. I’m already big on the squash family, but there is something so fun about seeing a cooked