Warm shrimp salad


Hellooo everyone! I hope you’ve all been in as good of a mood as I’ve been lately!!! Despite somehow catching two colds in one month, and thereby also getting a semi-permanent snotty nose whose skin was red and dry (i.e. not attractive), I’ve been elated with life! Is this what happens when you hit your mid/late 20’s?! They say that women are happiest at 30…. I’m starting to think that that’s true! And if so, then I have a lot to look forward to 🙂

What is everyone up to this weekend?? I’ve been super busy lately and a little off the radar, but things have eased up now, and since it’s May long weekend, I’m looking forward to spending some time (ALL THE TIME) socializing with my favourite people! And you know what socializing means…. Food!!! So far I’ve planned to buy groceries and prep all my weekday lunches in advance. That way I just have to grab it and go in the morning. My typical to-go lunch is a boiled free-range egg (I like the really orange yolks, and also knowing that the poor chickens didn’t suffer), a few slices of apple, cucumber sticks, hummus, and then maybe grapes or steamed crunchy broccoli. I’ll sub in some grilled fish or chicken instead of egg, depending on how much time I took to prepare my lunch. My lunch is simple because I’m making it for me only, and my “social” meals are usually nicer. I mean, what’s the point of cooking something nice if no one’s around to eat it?? You know the saying… If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Lol well for me, if no one’s around to eat my delicious food, there’s no sound. So for this weekend, apart from prepping all my lunches, looks like on Sunday I’m hosting a little BBQ thing! ALSO, I haven’t made my famous banana bread for a long time now, but I’ll be making a few loaves this weekend too. I literally use my banana bread as blackmail/bribe/collateral. Tis quite useful! I’m so excited to share my banana bread recipe with you guys!!! My friends C and W have fought over it before, I’m sure you will too, so maybe double the recipe. Move over bitcoin, banana bread is the new currency!

Now, THIS warm shrimp salad recipe, is one of those rare meals that I made just for myself, and I actually went to the effort of making something nice. Tonight I had a me-dinner of crackers and hummus. But on the day that I made the warm shrimp salad, I was very proud of the effort I had put in!! I used no recipe, and tossed whatever I had on hand in, figuring that if it tasted terrible, I’d be the only one who knew. HOWEVER, it was really good 🙂 I loved the combination of hot spicy shrimp, and cool, crunchy cucumber, as well as smooth silky avocado. The three went together quite well 😉


  • 4-5 shrimp
  • Brown sugar
  • Rice wine vinegar
  • Lime
  • White wine
  • Fish sauce
  • Cilantro
  • Corn flour
  • Paprika
  • Cayenne
  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber

In a small bowl, mix together some brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, lime, fish sauce, chopped or dry cilantro. Take the shells off the shrimp and pat dry. Coat with a mixture of corn flour, paprika and cayenne. Melt butter and olive oil in a pan, toss in the shrimp, cook quickly on both sides, and when almost done, add the rice vinegar mixture. I was drinking white wine as I was cooking, and added in a splash from the bottle for good measure, but I’m not sure it was necessary. The sauce will thicken from the corn flour and make it slightly sticky, similar to my Hawaiian shrimp. Don’t let it get too sticky though, cos you still want some sauce to coat the avocado and cucumber. Okay. When it’s cooked, toss together with chopped avocado and cucumber, making sure the sauce goes everywhere. It sounds sort of odd, but it tastes really good! Garnish with cilantro. Instagram, and make people jealous (That’s obviously what I did). You could eat this alone, but I had a Costco bag of asparagus in my fridge, so I had a few stalks of grilled lemon and pepper asparagus with it.

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